Planetary science data for atmospheric geophysical models

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Provides Atmosphere models based on Air Research and Development Command ARDC and the United States (1922, 1925, 1956, 1959, 1962, 1966, 1976) Standard Atmosphere US22,US25,US56,US59,US62,US66,US76 available also in English units US22E,US25E,US56E,US59E,US62E,US66E,US76E. Provided the local absolute sea level and gravitational acceleration, the Weather can be initialized based on temperature and pressure. Presets for the Standard atmosphere are provided: Earth1922, Earth1925, Earth1956, Earth1959, Earth1962, Earth1966, Earth1976, Earth1922English, Earth1925English, Earth1956English, Earth1959English, Earth1962English, Earth1966English, Earth1976English. By default the 1959 model with metric units is used for Standard atmosphere, although a different year can be specified with environment variable STDATM and the default unit system can be specified with the GEOUNITS environment variable.

julia> using Geophysics

julia> h = 1000 # altitude, m

julia> gravity(h)

julia> temperature(h)

julia> pressure(h)

julia> sonicspeed(h)

Values which can be obtained at geometric altitude include gravity, temperature, pressure, density, sonicspeed, conductivity, viscosity, kinematic, volume, energy, enthalpy, heatcapacity, diffusivity, prandtl, and impedance. In the future, more varieties of atmospheric models will be added for various planets along with winds aloft and turbulent gust distribution data. Weather data from internet sources may be imported in the future.

This package is not limited to atmospheric data: other geophysical data features are intended to be added for oceans, temperature and pressure inside the planets, as well as electrical and magnetic properties of planets. In this package, any simple Geophysical properties of planets may be added. Other simple geophysical data about planets, can be added in a collaborative effort. Complicated models will be excluded from this package, as it is only intended to provide a minimal foundation for geophysical data and constants of various planets, more complicated models should be built separately in packages to build on Geophysics. For example, some geographic conditions can be calculated externally, and then Geophysics is used to load that data.

This Geophysics package for the Julia language was created by for research.